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Solar Mason Pricing

Go solar with Solar Mason in Scranton, PA! Affordable residential and commercial solar solutions, starting at just $99/month

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Most Trusted in the USA

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Helping you understand solar energy investments with detailed financials


User Satisfaction


Decrease Expenses


Mwhs Generated

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Turn your property into a Power Plant

Solar Mason offers affordable solar panel installations in Scranton, PA, empowering homeowners and businesses towards sustainable energy solutions

  • Cost-effective installations

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Energy independence


Lower energy costs with solar panels

Solar Mason helps homeowners and businesses in Scranton, PA save money while reducing their environmental impact

  • 25%


  • 1.7X

    ROI Speed

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What Our Customers say?

"Switching to Solar Mason was the best decision we made! Our energy bills have been slashed, and we love being eco-friendly." - Dean

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Dean Lucas

Business Owner

"The team at Solar Mason was fantastic from start to finish. Professional, efficient, and great customer service. Highly recommend!" - Craig

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Lacawac Education Center


"I couldn't be happier with my solar panel installation from Solar Mason. Affordable pricing, quality work, and excellent support throughout" - Emily

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Emily Holmes

Home Owner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Often Asked Questions

We Have Put Together Some Commonly Asked Questions

What solar services does Solar Mason offer?

Solar Mason provides solar panel installations, solar EV charging solutions, and battery backup systems for both residential and commercial properties

Question 2: How much do Solar Mason's services cost?

Pricing for Solar Mason's services starts as low as $99 per month, and the average monthly plans are $149, $199, and $249, depending on credit approval and system size

Question 3: Is Solar Mason available for both residential and commercial properties?

Answer 3: Yes, Solar Mason offers solar solutions for both residential and commercial properties

Question 4: What sets Solar Mason apart from other solar energy companies?

Solar Mason is a veteran-owned and operated company that focuses on personalized service and aims to make clean energy accessible to everyone in the community

Question 5: How can I get started with Solar Mason's services?

To get started with Solar Mason, you can reach out to their team for a consultation to determine the best solar solution for your property

Does Solar Mason offer financing options?

Yes, Solar Mason offers financing options that vary based on credit approval, making clean energy solutions more accessible to a broader range of customers

Enjoy your Investment